COVID 19, Vietnam, and other tidbits

Today, March 8, 2021, most of us survived a year of sheltering in place, trying to stay safe from that dreaded COVID 19 virus. As of March 6, 2021, there have been 27,935 confirmed cases of COVID 19, 445 fatalities. The average daily cases in the last 7 days is 47.4. HONOLULU’s Average Daily Cases is 24.3. That puts Honolulu in TIER 3 of the reopening plan.

For a breakdown of what’s in Tier 3, open this link to see what’s allowed, and the limitations to activities. So far, there is no indication that we will be allowed to have a reunion event, but with everyone getting the vaccine, it just may be possible when we reach Tier 4.

During the pandemic year, 2020 through today, March 8, 2021 we lost four classmates for various health reasons, not related to COVID:

  • Faith Kukahiko DeCosta, July 29, 2020
  • Brian Araki, November 1, 2020
  • Patrice Corcoran, January 21, 2021
  • Gerald Wong, February 14, 2021

If you are a Vietnam War Veteran, thank you for your service to our country. Recently after the death of Brian Araki, classmate Rodney Shimabukuro wrote on Facebook;

“I hope everyone in the group is well and staying safe during this trying time; I was thinking about Brian Araki’s recent passing and was reminded that he is a fellow Vietnam vet. The guys of the class of ‘69 were some of the last group of vets who served in Vietnam, I know that I was part of the first round of troop withdrawals and didn’t complete a full year in country. My thought is that we should have a list of Vietnam Vets in our class, may I suggest we start it and possibly create a sub-group to the Class of ‘69. My guess is that there are only a few of us.If you served in Vietnam (or if you have this info of a deceased Vet) please respond to this post, include your company, assigned base, in-country dates and MOS, I can create a list and update it, for example:Rodney Shimabukuro, AVEL Central, Phu Loi, ‘70-‘71, 35L”

Well, here is the way to add to the list. If you too were a Vietnam veteran, and would like to share your information, please click on this link or on the button below to fill in your information. If you previously left your information, thank you. If you know of someone who served but didn’t complete this form, please ask them.

Here is our list so far. Click on the button below.

Reunions and other announcements

Aloha all!

Half the year is gone and we still have not contained COVID-19. With no vaccine available anytime soon for the masses, it looks like quarantine life is going to be our new normal for a long time. Hawaii is experiencing a second wave of infections through the communities. The state has not reopened to travelers yet, the infection rate has been higher than the initial spread. The government has been warning everyone of further rollbacks of easing the mandates if we cannot contain the spread within the communities.

Governor Ige had originally planned on reopening the state to transpacific travel on August 1, 2020, but that was pushed back to September 1, 2020. With infections increasing to triple digits now, I wouldn’t be surprised if he postpones it even further.

Our initial plans for another casual get together for this year is in jeopardy, so I’ve already asked for our event to be cancelled for Honey’s Restaurant in Kaneohe and asked for a refund of our deposit. The original plan was for an event on September 19, 2020.

On another sad note, many of us just learned about the passing of another classmate. Faith Kuhahiko DeCosta has crossed the bridge to be with her husband Joey DeCosta. She died on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 of a heart attack. No information is available at this time for her services. Please check back.

As we move forward, we have our 70th birthday to look forward to next year. Your reunion committee will plan accordingly, with COVID-19 in mind and let you know more later.

Until our next message, please STAY SAFE, we are all vulnerable to this dreaded virus, KEEP 6 FEET PHYSICAL DISTANCE when at social gatherings, WEAR A FACE MASK, STAY HOME IN ISOLATION WHEN SICK!

COVID-19 and our Reunion

Aloha ’69ers!
I hope this message finds you and your family safe in this scary pandemic. Up until recently, your Reunion Committee has been working hard to plan for our upcoming reunion events. When the government ordered everyone to stay at home, and maintain social distancing, it stopped everything.

Your committee wants you to know that we are thinking of you and your welfare. We will get through this together. We are the James B. Castle High School, Class of 1969. We have been through a lot. We are the baby boomers. We have seen the war in Vietnam, witnessed the Civil Rights movement, survived the 9/11 attack, and now the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER.

If you are on the front line as a first responder helping with this crisis, regardless if a medical professional, a scientist, police officer, fire fighter, national guardsman, or teacher, mahalo for your sacrifice. We appreciate all that you are doing.

So what are the plans? We already made plans for a reunion this year for the Class of 69 to celebrate our 69th birthday and another next year in 2021 when we all make 70. It will be a simple celebration at Honey’s Restaurant in Kaneohe in September, and next year is going to be in Las Vegas at The Orleans Hotel & Casino. Of course, all of this is pending the outcome of the pandemic. We will let you know of any changes in advance of any planned event.

Save the date: September 19, 2020
Honey’s Restaurant
Kaneohe, HI

Would you attend this event? Please answer this survey for us. 

As we wait for the curve to flatten, and for our leaders to guide us in the right direction to reopen our economy, and schools, we continue to think about you and how we can resume normal life and get back to partying!

For more information on COVID-19, we are providing you some links on how to help yourself. Stay home, stay safe, practice social distancing (keep 6 feet apart), wash your hands often for 20 seconds, don’t touch your face, please follow your government directives.

This message was sent to those who supplied us an email address. Please share this message to other class members. This message will also appear on our Facebook group

To update or to add new contact information, please go to this page on our website.

We have no email for the following class members.
Rosa Guzzo Abelaye
Linda Mukai Adaniya
Paulette Adric
Douglas Aguiar
Doreen Teruya Akamine
Dean Akita
Linda Clark Abraham
Ronnie Arevalo
Clarence August
Manuel August
Bernadette Camara Augustus
Cheryl Ann Awaa
Wesley Azama
Michael Barques
Stacey Batalona
Dyan Johanson Braden
Kevin Bright
Arnaldo Bustamante
Brenda Burgo Cambra
Wanda Campbell
Patrick Camvel
Shareen Lee Celoza
Wesley Chang
Bert Chikazawa
Godfred Ching
Chris Christiansen
Michael Chun
Elizabeth Mahoney Cullen
Louie Cullen
Miriam Ford Cullen
Susan Torres Cunningham
Kevin Delima
Lauraine Saballa Devine
Debbie Seguirant Domingo
Paulette Low Duchscherer (Sieber)
Alan Duhaylonsod
Marlene Sekigahama Ellis
Robin Ellis
Eric J. Ericksen
Gail Faligan
Lovette Kaunamano Fernandez
Diane Flores
Alan Freitas
Clyde Fujimoto
Cathleen Ching Gabayan
Jan Tavares Gaudia
Laura Yamamoto Gayaban
Eileen Teves Gomes
Jerry Gonzales
Byron Halas
Eric Hara
Ricky Hernandez
Reynold Hirazumi
Grace Hirose
Toni Kahawaiolaa Hopkins
Delores Horton Hunter
Linda Miyashiro Ige
Melvin Ige
Mike Ishikawa
Beryle Horimoto Ishizaki
Patrick Iwane
Don Jessmon
Sandra Kobuke Juarez
Earl Kahanu
Elena Kai
Brian Kalahiki
JoAnn Dela Cruz Kalamau
Myles Kamei
Terrance Kanaeholo
Clifford Kanagushiku
Johanna Laimana Kanauna
Leroy Kane
Donald Kanoa
Randall Kapeliela
Lana Takashima Kato
Glenn Keohokapu
Steve Kishimoto
Dennis Kong
Wayne Kotaki
Kenson Kuba
Paul Kusunoki
Mona Wong Lam
Leilani Hunter Lee
Samuel Lee
Solomon Lee, Jr.
Bradley Lum
Dorinda Lum
Amy Konno Maeda
Clifford Maeda
Shirley Kurahashi Malmud
Samuel Masuda
Caroline Matsumoto
Warren Matsumoto
Lurline Chock Mau
Bernadette Ranis McCumber
Gail Paik McGarvey
Edward McHugh
Vincent Mendes
Martha Merseburgh c/o Florence Kealoha
James Miyasaki
Monica Morita Monette
Grace Wright Moore
Cindy Naile
Wilfred Nakahara
Alan Nakamura
Carolee Caldeira Nakamura
Odella Gaudia Nakanelua
Gerald Nakashima
Paul Nakasone
Milton Naula
Wayne Noborikawa
Lynn Kasashima Nojiri
Mona Rijhoff Okumoto
Lance Oshiro
Michael Oshiro
Lysandra Magdaro Padeken
Melodee Toro Pelletier
David Pili
Robert Pires
Arlette Takehara Prestwood
Roann Rho Rakta
Donald Ramil
Charles Rio
Doreen Kanahele Rivera
Elaine Sanada
Nolan Shigeta
Wendy Kajiyama Shigeta
Randal Shintani
Cathy Obatay Simeona
Marko Smith
Linda Endo Streeter
JoAnn Shimabukuro Suematsu
Elizabeth Yoshikawa Suenaga
Myron Sueyoshi
Morgan Sumimoto
Linda Marumoto Tanaka
Gerald Taira
Debra Tomita Takahashi
Sandra Iijima Tam
Ellen Uekawa Tamura
Francis Tanaka
Curtis Tarumoto
Michael Tavares
Jacquelyn Tokashiki
Nadine Tsutsui Tokuzato
Melvin Tominaga
Wilfred Tomita
Phyllis Trela
Joanne Valente
Dexter Vasquez
Lysandra Yu Wilcox
India Williams
Christine Wong
Sherwin Wong
Janice Martin Woo
Ivan Wood
Ray Yamaguchi
Stephen Yamane
Byron Yamashiro
Glenn Yamashiro
Linda Yamauchi
Russell Yoshimoto
Linda Wright Young

Is it time for another reunion?

Our classmates have expressed to me that they didn’t have enough of the last reunion! They want to have more!

To satisfy that craving, we talked about planning one really casual event next year in Hawaii to celebrate our 69th birthday for the class of ’69, and another in 2021 in Las Vegas, for our 70th birthday.

It’s still early and we are still talking so we will let you know as more information becomes available.

In the meanwhile, please help us save expenses by keeping us updated with your contact information by going to this link to enter your information. For all future events, we are considering sending event information only by email, so if you don’t have or have not shared an email address with us, now is the time to let us know your email address.

Flash back!

Here is something to look at! Remember Na Pali ‘o Ko’olau?

It was our school newspaper! Back then there was no internet, no email, no texting, no cell phones, no electronic communication! This was our mode of communication, aka “social media.”

Big mahalo to the Class of 1967 and Shirley (Bassett) Green for sharing her really old copies of the papers. The following are links to the Class of ’67’s website which is hosting those newspapers.

March 15, 1965

April 19, 1965

June 1, 1965

December 17, 1965

February 1, 1966

February 18, 1966

March 11, 1966

June 2, 1966

September 9, 1966

Cynthia Yonamine Kajihiro

After having so much fun at both of our 50th Reunion events, it’s hard to come back down from the clouds but I’m sure this will burst your balloon.

I’m sorry to have to announce that we have lost another class member. Shortly after celebrating at the Main Street event, she left for California to visit with family and returned to Vegas. She never made it back to Hawaii.

Cynthia Yonamine Kajihiro passed on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 😢 She is our 73rd, the 2nd this year.

At the Main Street event on May 17, 2019 with Carol Nakahara Wong.

In our class photo at the Main Street event on May 17, 2019.

At the hospitality room in The California Hotel, May 16, 2019.